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Geratech BoardDr. Ndoba Vibetti - Chairman
Ignatius de Wet - Managing Director
Ndoba Vibetti
Geratech Project Steering Committee (GPSC)The GPSC was appointed in April 2010 by the leading Shareholders (IDC & TIA) to oversee the operational aspects of the project during project implementation. It is made up of 7 members, i.e. 2 each from the IDC, TIA and Geratech and a independent external ChairmanSello Ntsihlele
Geratech Management-teamThe key management driving the project:
Ignatius de Wet - Managing Director
Raymond Munsami - Project Manager
Dr Salmon Lubbe - Technical Manager
Dawie Fourie - Process engineer
Louise Stoop - Accountant
Ignatius de Wet
CRESCO Project FinanceTransaction Advisor and Lead CoordinatorJohn Stanbury
Matomo ProjectsMatomo Projects (Basil Read) is a Project management and design house; Manager
Oriel Shikwambana

Geratech Zirconium Beneficiation (Pty) Ltd