Product overview | Industrial applications


Although the zirconium chemical industry is relatively young, it is growing at 6-8% per annum. Zirconium chemicals and oxides are used in diversified applications and can already be found in more than 60 different industries. It is regarded to be an essential raw material and a strategic resource.

Over the past decade, zirconium products have attracted special attention as high-technology materials for multi-industrial and scientific applications because of their superior mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and optical properties. Zirconium products are applied, often without any alternatives, in the construction of chemical plants, in electronic devices, the medical industry, nuclear reactors, engineering ceramics and auto-catalysts, as well as performance chemicals in the paper, paint, polymer, cosmetics, water treatment and oil industries. Zirconium chemicals are regarded as “green”, replacing toxic components in many applications, such as lead in paint driers, chrome in leather tanning and formaldehyde resins in paper.

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