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The key management will be part of a project management team that will be appointed with the inputs of the leading shareholders. The current key project management team consists of:

Ignatius de Wet

Managing Director

In 1993, after completing a 3-year national diploma with distinction in Ceramic Technology at the Technical University of Tshwane, Ignatius de Wet started his career as Ceramic Technologist in the R&D division of Cullinan Refractories At the time, he was the youngest Technologist appointed in the field of refractory engineering. Ignatius accepted a technical sales position at Ferro Enamels in 1996 and was promoted to business development manager of the company in 1997. He then obtained a B.Com Marketing / Finance degree (part time) during 1997 at the University of Pretoria and also obtained a Masters degree in Business Leadership (MBL) from UNISAs Graduate School of Business Leadership in 2001, specializing in technology commercialisation.

In 1998 he joined a group of scientists working on zirconium technology at the University of Pretoria, and is the founder of Geratech Zirconium Beneficiation Ltd. Under his leadership, the knowledge contained in several entities that have invested in zirconium technology were consolidated into a commercial driven project at NECSA. Ignatius was central in the development of zirconium products, the process technology and the commercialization of zirconium beneficiation. This included crucial supply relations and establishment of international markets and Technology development agreements with niche customers. He was also instrumental in attracting international investors to commercialize zirconium beneficiation technology in SA.

Dr Salmon Lube

Technical Manager (Chemist)

Salmon Lubbe completed a B.Sc. degree in 1982 and started working at the then-called UKOR at the analytical laboratories. In 1991 he finished his honours degree and started research work on plasma dissociated zircon. In 1996 he received a M.Sc. with distinction on The reaction between plasma dissociated zircon and hydro fluoric acid. In 1998 he completed a Ph.D. on The reaction between plasma dissociated zircon and hydro fluoric acid for preparation of high value chemicals.

During 1999 NECSA and Geratech worked closely together on a government funded research project on zirconium beneficiation. During the technology incubating phase of the project (1999-2003), Salmon was key to the specialized team of scientists, engineers and technologists that evaluated, developed and piloted the various processes and analytical techniques used in the manufacturing of zirconium chemicals and oxides from zircon. In 2003 he joined Geratech as technical manager. During his tenure he continued his research and development into new products and processes, thereby creating new markets for Geratech. Additionally, Salmon has established the process parameters for the entire production process. He is currently a key component of the Geratech technical team and essential for future planned developments, e.g. oxides.

Raymond Munsami

Project Manager (Process Engineer)

Raymond Munsami received a B.Sc. Honours degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Natal in 1993. In 1999, he completed an MBA degree.

He has gained 2 years process-engineering experience (copper concentrating) at Palabora Mining Company and 5 years process engineering (heavy minerals) and management experience at Richards Bay Minerals. From 2000 to 2002, he was appointed as the MSP Technical Manager at Exarro (KZN Sands); his responsibilities extended from production planning, environmental management to process development management for the Beneficiation division. In 2003 he was appointed as Technical Manager of Assmang Manganese Cato Ridge (manganese smelter). Here his responsibilities extended from management of raw materials, management of final product logistics to management of the company laboratory.

In 2007, Raymond joined Geratech as a process engineer and six months later was subsequently promoted to technical manager and then project manager. He was the project manager and design engineer of the SCP project; he was the lead engineer who successfully commissioned the SCP. In 2009, he was the Geratech lead for the due diligence conducted by the IDC. In 2010 he was appointed to the Geratech steering committee, which reports to the Board of Directors. Raymond is a key component of the technical and management team and the designated general manager.

Dawie Fourie

Process Engineer

Dawie Fourie obtained a B.Eng (Chemical) degree in 1997 and an M.Sc. Eng (Extractive Metallurgy) in 2004 from the University of Stellenbosch. Dawie is a registered professional engineer with ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa). He spent 9 years in Research and Development (1998 2006) in the Pyrometallurgy Division of Mintek where he worked as chief investigator on several pilot plant projects. He also took the lead in process modelling (using FACT Sage and Pyrosim) on a number of projects. In 2007 he spent 10 months as senior process engineer at HATCH in Africa. During this time he developed a process model for the production of FeMn (using Metsim) for a feasibility study for Assmang Cato Ridge Furnace no. 7 and managed a technical review at Anglo Platinum Waterfall Smelter.

Dawie joined Geratech in November 2007 as a process engineer. He managed the plant mass balance and assisted the plant manager in production planning. In January 2009 he successfully commissioned the toll processing of frit in a gas-fired tunnel kiln at Vereeniging Refractories. Dawie also developed a detailed process model that, combined with the financial model, forms the basis of the Geratech business model. He is a key component of the technical team and will be instrumental during the commissioning and optimization phases of the business.

Louise Stoop


Louise Stoop is a Chartered Accountant CA (SA). She has gained experience in the following fields: Auditing, Financial accounting, Management accounting, Taxation and Secretarial engagements.

She has gained experience in the following industries: Manufacturing, Engineering, Medical, Retail and IT Services.

Louise joined Geratech in April 2010. Over the past year, she has initiated a new accounting system for Geratech. Additionally she is key in maintaining the overall project and Company accounting of the business and assisted with the financial modelling of the business.

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