Competitive Advantage of Enerfinity

South Africa is the second largest producer of vanadium globally. The country is also one of the largest producers of low cost vanadium. This gives South Africa a competitive advantage and the natural place to manufacture Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFBs). Price fluctuations and quality volatility of vanadium supply, however, has historically been a stumbling block to the mass commercialisation of vanadium-based batteries. These price fluctuations impact on the cost of the VRFBs. If the cost of vanadium goes up, the cost of the VRFB is too high to make it cost-effective for mass application. In order to create the widespread use of vanadium redox flow batteries, Enerfinity had to mitigate this risk by acquiring ownership of multiple low cost, high quality vanadium resources. By doing this, the company insulates the cost of vanadium electrolyte manufacturing (and thus VRFBs), which accounts for approximately 1/3 of input costs, from the risks of market price volatility of vanadium (V) by guaranteeing supply at a fixed price for a longer time period without use of costly financial instruments. Apart from acquiring its own vanadium resources, the company manufactures its own electrolyte. Through value chain integration in one geography, Enerfinity also reduces vanadium and electrolyte manufacturing and transportation costs.

Enerfinity Technology: The technology of the Vanadium Redox Flow battery combines the performance advantages of flow batteries with the simplicity of using just one natural element – vanadium. Unlike prominent solid state batteries, such as lead-acid and lithium-ion, flow batteries use a liquid electrolyte to store energy. This allows for near unlimited recharging (or cycling), easy up-scaling by just adding more electrolyte and negligible performance deterioration over long periods of time. As a result, for daily energy storage of a few hours, flow batteries provide the most cost-effective means to store energy. The advantage of vanadium in particular, lies in its ability to exist in four different oxidation states and its water-solubility, allowing for a simpler battery with fewer inputs.

What we offer

Enerfinity provides energy storage solutions to the mining, retail and industrial sectors. Our Vanadium Redox Flow batteries (VRFBs) are scalable up to MW capacities and offer a ‘green’ solution with a 100% depth of discharge and nearly unlimited number of cycles and lifetime of 20 years-plus.

We develop a storage solution based on your requirements and can offer purchase or power purchase agreements (PPAs) with O&M support.

Contact us to downshift your energy demand curve and smooth peak loads and see how our solutions can assist you to make energy-wise decisions that will impact positively on your company’s bottom line.

Advantages of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

VRFB characteristics make it an excellent fit for fixed, utility-scale storage where the battery will be used at least once per day. The VRFB has the following features:

Long life and excellent performance

Nearly unlimited number of cycles

A 20 year plus lifetime and 100% depth of discharge

Lowest cost per kWh when used once daily (or more frequently)

Safe, sustainable and re-usable


Non-flammable, water-based electrolyte chemistry

100% of vanadium can be recovered and re-used once battery is removed

Additional benefits of the technology include

Easily scalable, as power rating (MW) and energy (MWh) are independent

Proven operation in high ambient temperatures

Not prone to theft owing to size and quick to recharge

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